Project manager (2021-now) :

Knee exo-prosthesis : road to human validation

Company : RLC Systèmes

Activities :

  • Design and lead a large animal model experiment for the validation of the biological benefits of the knee exo-prosthesis.
  • Prepare the technical documentation in order to proceed with the regulatory compliance of the medical device.
  • Work with manufacturers for the design and manufacture of animal and human exo-prosthesis prototypes.

Ph.D. position (2016-2021) :

Knee exo-prosthesis : from biomechanics analysis to prototype development

Directed by : Pr P. Chabrand (Biomechanics) & Pr J.N. Argenson (Orthopaedic Surgery)

Lab : Institut des Sciences du Mouvement (UMR 7287)

Activities :

  • Numerical development of a finite element model of knee with hard and soft tissues using CT-scan and MRI coupling
  • Conception and evaluation of an exo-prosthesis for the treatment of medial knee osteoarthritis
  • Understanding cartilage mechanical behaviour and wear

Internship (2016 ; 6 months) :

Knee exo-prosthesis : numerical proof of concept

Directed by : Pr P. Chabrand

Lab : Institut des Sciences du Mouvement (UMR 7287)

Activities :

  • Segmentation of a pathologic knee from CT-scan (software : Materialize Mimics)
  • Development of an numerical idealistic exo-prosthesis (software : Dassault Catia)
  • Numerical evaluation of therapeutic potential of the exo-prosthesis (software : Dassault Abaqus)

Intership (2015 ; 6 months) :

Inverse problem in biomechanics : study of the discal degenerescence

Directed by : Pr O. Boiron

Contributed to Chetoui, M.A., Boiron, O., Ghiss, M. et al. “Assessment of intervertebral disc degeneration-related properties using finite element models based on ρ𝐻ρH-weighted MRI data”. Biomech Model Mechanobiol 18, 17–28 (2019). (link)

Lab : Institut de Recherche sur les Phénomènes Hors-Equilibre (UMR 7342)

Activities :

  • Automatisation of intervertebral disc segmentation from MRI 4.7T (software : Matlab)
  • Numerical simulation of metabolic activity in realistic geometry of the intervertebral disc (software : Comsol Multiphysics)

Internship (2014 ; 2 months) :

Numerical modelisation of the history force in low Reynolds number flow

Directed by : F. Candelier

Lab : Institut Universitaire des Systèmes Thermiques Industriels (UMR 7343)

Activities :

  • Comparison between analytical solution and numerical simulation of history force in a transient flow (software : Ansys Fluent)